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JAMAICA Festive Bad!

Easter weekend is here, so firstly just a small moment of silence for a 3rd straight year of not having our karnival season kick off from now *sad face*.

But the good news, Jamaica is still Festive Bad! Beginning today, on what a Good Friday, the government of Jamaica has rolled back its mandate on indoor masking mandate, and starting tomorrow, Saturday April 16th, visitors will no longer be required to submit a negative covid-19 test to enter the island. This can and should only encourage others to come back to yaad as the entertainment sector has also resumed. As we mentioned in another blog post, there are a couple events happening this weekend, and most importantly, it’s a great precursor for Karnival in July!

See Our April Fete Kalendar here:

After some deliberation, last month ended off with announcements from all 3 of Jamaica’s bands on the future of karnival this year. Bacchanal Jamaica and Xodus stated they are moving forward with a Road March on July 10th, however, Xaymaca International indicated that they would not be partaking on this date, but rather supporting other regional carnivals that take place around the same time frame and will work on creating a subsequent experience which is speculated to be in October.

Yes, it may not be the ideal situation but perhaps now an opportunity for two karnival activities to happen in the same year, making up for lost times. What we’ve already seen are some local and regional fete promoters already on board for the July date to once again, continue to make Jamaica Festive Bad! The ever popular Sunkissed yacht and beach party is on for July 8th, Scorch actually canceled their cooler carded for April 22nd and announced their signature Duck Work for July 8th as well, Caesar’s Army has hinted about deciding on a date for Bacchanal Road Jamaica.

If there is anything else to also get you excited about is also the new FESTIVE bad Stockings by Kandi launched last week for your upcoming karnivals, whether in July, October or both. Firstly there is the new Kween Sized stockings, both in Original and Klose Knit that go up to size 3x, catering to our Kweens of all sizes. Then, there's the new Kingky Kollection that comes in Neon green and Neon Pink Extra Wide Knit. It’s a perfect fit for jouverts, parties, kostumes and performances. So, grab them up at cause Festive Bad nah wait on a soul!

Kearn Christopher

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