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Karnival in the Deep South: Atlanta

All eyes and attention is on Atlanta Delkab’s Carnival for Memorial Day weekend in May 2022, but if you’re anything like a number of West Indians, your first reaction was likely to be, “There is a Karnival in Atlanta?”

Well of course, the answer is YES! The Atlanta Delkab Carnival actually began back in 1988 and currently has an average of 4,000 masqueraders and 20,000 spectators who line their main parade route in Stonecrest, Georgia. The karnival actually does not happen within the City of Atlanta, but rather in the Delkab County, just on the outskirts of the city, which is considered part of the Atlanta Region or Atlanta Metropolitan.

While the karnival may not attract the numbers and usual attention compared to the major US based Trinidad-style carnivals like New York or Miami, where there is a significantly largely West Indian diaspora, there's a definite buzz this time around. With the absence of karnivals over the past two years, karnival chasers are very much ready to be “Out and Bad” in the streets parading to soca music. What has contributed to this pull is that we’re seeing some of the more popular costume designers and promoters from the global carnival circuit working alongside the carnival bands in Atlanta. This familiarity of brand presence can only bolster the activities for this much needed revitalization of all karnivals around the world.

Despite it being a smaller karnival, the Atlanta Delkab karnival actually has a significant number of bands that take part. The Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council lists 25 bands of their organization! Some of the bands that you can look out for where you can purchase your V-Kut StocKing by Kandi at checkout include, Mas with Panache, Vibez and Vision and Savage Mas thus far.

So if you’re looking for another upcoming karnival soon, that takes place on a long-weekend in the US, then Atlanta Delkab Carnival is definitely the place to be!

Kearn Christopher

IG: @kearnchris

Twiter: @kearn_chris

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