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Trinidad 2023, here we come!

I’m sure by now you have seen some hype and excitement suggesting Trinidad Carnival 2023 is seemingly on as the ever popular Tribe Group with their 6 carnival bands announced a Pop Up 24-hr registration for 2023 on Carnival Tuesday earlier this week.

This rush was evidently on as the spots for the Tribe band were sold out before the 24 hrs was up. Of course, this doesn’t mean that no other spots will become available in the future, but this does mean that Trinidad Carnival 2023 is officially on?

Sadly, the answer is No. At the moment, no green light or any indication of such has been given by Trinidad and Tobago’s government for Carnival 2023 just as yet. With the just concluded “Taste of Carnival 2022” whereby some events put on both by their National Carnival Commission and private entities were held, there is hopeful anticipation that the carnival pot will definitely be bubbling for 2023.

It’s still all well and good to begin some level of preliminary planning for the next Trinidad Carnival, especially when an opportunity like that comes up to secure a spot in a band that typically sells out extremely quickly. In all fairness, Trinidad was fortunate to have staged its 2020 Carnival, and have now missed out on two years of a regularly staged carnival with a street parade, as most other places did. A number of other carnivals as you may have seen in our previous blogs and social media posts are moving ahead for later this year, so there is definitely hope that Trinidad 2023 can definitely happen.

Just up to today, Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister announced in parliament a rollback on some of the covid measures in the country, such as a resumption of contact sports, the non-wearing of masks in a private vehicle for family members, no numerical restrictions on attendees at religious services, and the reduction of various quarantine days for those who contracted or got exposed to covid. Currently, covid patient hospital occupancy is at one of the lowest the country has seen since the pandemic. These are positive signs of things to come, of course, once another variant does not enter the party and spoil the fun.

So, I’d say get your mind in gear to consider a Trinidad Carnival for 2023 as we wait and see any details to come in the future. There were talks before by their Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts to host a “Festival of Fetes” in the summer period, which is when carnival bands typically launch. Once bands officially launch, it will be a full gear planning taking place for 2023!

Rest assured as we’ve announced already, Karnival by Kandi will be offering packages, and updates on this development. Stay tuned to our social media, sign up on our mailing list on our website, and keep looking out for these weekly blogs as we help you get ready for the next Trinidad Carnival!

Kearn Christopher

IG: @kearnchris

Twitter: @kearn_chris


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