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What to expect with Karnival by Kandi

It’s been another week in Karnivaland, and as time progresses, it’s evident that the interest in taking part in karnival is definitely growing!

With that said, we’ve gotten several messages via e-mail, DMs, and personal communication from past customers, and those ready to hit that buy button.

So, we’ve compiled our FAQs that we’ve been getting so far, as we continue to strive to be your number one source for all things Karnival.

Ready to book your next Karnival trip? You’re in the right place!

1. What exactly are the components and services of these Karnival packages?

We offer a mix of set packages, as well as a create your own package option, to cater to different needs and price points. The services we offer are:

  1. Karnival Kostume registration

  2. Accommodation

  3. Fete/Event tickets

  4. Flights

  5. Ground transportation

  6. Kostume collection and delivery

  7. V-Kut Karnival Stockings

2. What are the packages?

Customers have the option to select which of the varying services they want, as not everyone needs every single service. We typically also offer different packages with all of these services but with slight variations, such as options with less or more fete/events included, or different accommodation options.

The packages vary for each carnival and will be announced in due course

3. How can we secure packages?

A fixed deposit is required to secure the package. A deadline for payment is also given, and payment plans are an option.

4. What do the package fees include?

The fees include the cost of the items (eg. the carnival costume or event tickets), plus our service fees. A breakdown of the fees are provided prior to securing your package.

5. What Karnivals have you provided packages for?

We’ve done Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Miami, Cayman and Notting Hill.

6. What Karnivals are you heading to this year?

We’re working assiduously to serve a number of approved Karnivals this year including new markets such as St Lucia, Atlanta and Grenada. Some Karnivals may have limited services/packages given the COVID reality which is still ongoing.

7. How can we stay in touch with you?

You can follow us on all social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @karnivalbykandi for our updates.

You can also subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of our website for our weekly updates and blog posts that share and explain everything Karnival to you straight to your inbox!

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